The Asha Foundation [TAF]

is the official sponsor of

Ace+ Language Center.


TAF is a US based foundation that was formed in 2002

by Sean and Asha Brown. 

[TAF] provides philanthropic aid to impoverished sectors of society. 

Establish since August 24, 2002

[TAF] focuses its efforts in three Asian countries – Laos, Philippines and Thailand.  It also supports locally established educational and community development institutions and programs with proven track records.  In each country TAF address four major areas of concern: 

Education, Income opportunities, Food and Housing TAF is a non-profit organization.  All profits made from our English schools and other businesses are used to help those in need.

What programs do you offer

  • Functional General English
  • Comprehensive Listening & Speaking
  • The International English Language Testing System (IELTS). IELTS is the worlds most popular English language proficiency test. 
  • English for Specific Purpose (ESP). ESP is highly effective as students are able to apply what they learn directly to their field of study; Business English, Medical English, Industry Specific English.

TAF have 10,000+ students who are trained / certified.

Branches and Location


Unit 12, Alley 1, Phapho Village Sisattanak District Vientiane
Lao: 856-2077407937
English: 856-2078126191


Km. 6 Diversion Rd.
Buhangin, Davao City
Philippines 8000


99-1 Moo 1 Nonglu
Sangkhla Buri District
Kanchanaburi 71240


22 East 100 South
Third Floor
Salt Lake City, UT 84111

About the Founder

M. Sean Brown is from the USA. After a successful, 15 year career, as a Financial Planner to some of America’s rich and famous Sean retired to pursue his charitable interests. Sean has an extensive background in Estate, Business, and Financial Planning.

Sean has used this knowledge in helping [TAF] grow its businesses. Sean’s desire is to support sustainable development initiatives through life-changing programs designed to positively change our world through education. Inspiring more active global citizens.

How many years of Experience

  • Most of our teachers have 5+ years of teaching experience

Teacher Qualification

  • ESL/EFL/TESOL/TEFL or TOEFL Certification
  • At least 2 years teaching experience
  • Speak Lao or Thai
  • Native English Speakers

As any student knows, for an ESL school to be truly excellent, it must have highly qualified teachers. A teacher who cares about the success of their students, and who makes class fun, can make learning English easier and more enjoyable. That’s why, when searching for a top ESL school, you’ll want to carefully examine the qualifications of its teachers.

Excellent Teachers

ACE+ Language Center (The Asha Foundation [TAF]) teachers are all TEFL or TESOL certified with at least 2 years of experience teaching ESL.

But what makes our teachers really unique is they speak Lao and are able to help you understand the concepts they teach. This enables a smoother teaching process. Allowing students learn at a much more advanced pace and gain a greater understanding of the principles taught.

Track Record for Delivering Excellence.

Help in obtaining scholarships to study abroad.

Nearly 40% of the students that complete our Award-Winning English program have received scholarships to study abroad.

New language schools are popping up all the time. It is important to research how long a school has been operating as well as its track record of success. It is easy for a school to put up a slick website with flashy marketing slogans and pretty images. But the best school to help you reach your linguistic goals will be one with deep experience in the field of English language training. An experienced school will understand the challenges faced by international students and will be able to support you to achieve the best possible learning outcomes.

ACE Language Center (The Asha Foundation [TAF]) has 31 years of experience in education. When you select [TAF] ACE Language Center for your English course, you benefit from a team of seasoned professionals with extensive experience.

Rigorous Standards that Ensure Progresses

We use an internationally recognized scale of English progression that can chart your progress from beginner to advanced. ACE+ Language Center (The Asha Foundation [TAF]) Guaranteed Progress Promise ensures that your English will improve steadily and that you will increase one full level every 12 weeks in our Intensive English programs. We’re confident in our teachers, our curriculum, and the results our students achieve. So, if your level does not increase in 12 weeks, we offer you four additional weeks of study on us.

Prestigious Partnerships

When a language school has strong partnerships with high-quality organizations in English speaking countries, you have more opportunities to explore. What’s more, an extensive list of partners correlates to an outstanding language-learning experience at a strong and established school.

ACE Language Center (The Asha Foundation [TAF]) partners with some of the best organizations in the English-speaking world as part of our University Placement Service.

Our goal is to help students gain the right qualifications to enter universities in the US, Canada, UK and Australia Germany, Japan, Singapore, Vietnam, Hungary, and China. We believe that one important measure of a high-quality language school is in its university partners. Take a look at the list of ACE Language Center (The Asha Foundation [TAF]) university partners.

FREE Activities to Practice English

English Club – Play English games with students from other classes to practice your English.

Community Service Activities

English Camp – 3 days of activities to practice your English. Camp director is a professional football coach from New Zealand. This is only available to students that enroll in our Intensive 2 or 4 year program. (See rules for full details)

How they Learn?

Each student has a different method of learning. It is the teacher’s job to identify that method in order help each student excel in the classroom. We use a lot of visuals, music, gestures and other non-verbal cues to make both language and content more accessible to students before putting them into words or translating into Lao language.

What they will Learn?

  • We offer a very broad topics such as ESP and EAP
  • We teach the fundamentals of learning not only when they are in class, but also out of class.
  • We teach different language skills, depending on students’ English abilities, interests, and needs.
  • But all our programs teach conversational English, grammar, reading, listening comprehension, writing, and vocabulary.

What is the methodology that you will use to make sure they are good.

ESA (Engage, Study, Activate) method is what we train our teachers. We build/prepare language before asking students to use it in their own way of communication and or learning.

In the engage phase, it is where we get the students ready to participate in the lesson. This phase will include showing of pictures, ), miming and acting, music, discussions of the latest (music, movie, fashion, etc), to get the students thinking and speaking in English…this way, we get the student’s attention right from the start. This phase is extremely important because it gives the teacher a chance to comfortably include all the students in the class with ease and get them ready to learn.

After the teacher has engaged the students, then it is time to move on to the study phase which can consist of many activities, like matching games, studying from texts and dialogues, gap-fill exercises, crosswords, word searches, and drilling. This is where the teacher actually teaches the students new words or topics and show them the correct way of using them. It is also where any student errors may be corrected and discussed in a tactful way where students can come to a better understanding of each subject and can learn and move forward in the best way possible.

Lastly, the activate phase which may include discussions as a whole class, small groups, or even pairs, role-play, story building, tasks such as posters and or debates. Students shows and put to work the things they learned in the study phase. In this stage, it will help the teacher to know how well they have understood the material that was discussed in the class. It is very important to make sure you always engage the students first and activate the students last.

The engage phase keeps students interested, the study phase helps students to learn, and the activate phase helps put into practice what they have learned. Overall, we’ve proven ESA method as the most effective tool in delivering the best to our students.